EU condemns first US federal execution of woman in decades

The European Union on Wednesday said it “deeply regrets” the first federal execution of a woman to be carried out in the US in nearly 70 years. 

Lisa Montgomery was killed by lethal injection in Indiana after the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 in favour of lifting a last minute stay of execution.

Her execution came just days before President Donald Trump leaves office and made her the eleventh person to be put to death since his administration successfully fought to resume federal executions in July following a 17-year hiatus.

Montgomery, 52, murdered an expectant mother to steal her baby, though she had sought a stay of execution on the grounds she was mentally ill.

A spokesman for the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that Brussels “deeply regrets” the execution.

“The EU had called for clemency to be granted to Lisa Montgomery taking into consideration international law and internationally accepted minimum standards that should be respected regarding people with mental disorders,” the statement said. 

“The EU calls on the US administration to reverse its decision to carry out the remaining federal-level executions during the last days of the current administration.”