Event in support of HK national security law to face illegal gathering charges – Police

The Public Security Police Force (CPSP) has announced today (Monday) that the Youth Cultivation Association event in support of the new Hong Kong national security law has been considered a possible illegal gathering, with the case already forwarded to the Public Prosecution Office (MP).

On June 5 an association entitled the Youth Cultivation Association organized a bus parade to support the national security legislation aimed at Hong Kong, with 40 members and citizens taking part in the event, holding posters in support of the legislation in several locations in the city, including the Macau Science Center and the Macau Tower.

Speaking at today’s pandemic update press conference, CPSP spokesperson Ma Chio Heng said that after investigation the activity was believed to be in breach of local illegal gathering law as no notification had been provided to the police informing that the event would take place.

Infractions to the public protest and gatherings law can incur in a public disobedience crime, punishable with up to 2 years in prison.

The event had raised controversy, as the two daughters of legislator Au Kam San face public disobedience face charges for allegedly holding an illegal gathering near Senate Square on the previous day after previous remembrance events had been prohibited out of health concerns connected to the Covid-19 pandemic.