Events difficult to forecast

1. I remember that my forecast for inflation in June in Macau is that it will be between 1.27 and 1.29 per cent. At best or at worst: between 1.26 and 1.30 per cent.
If it happens, it will be a big step forward.
However, the indicator needs to be much improved.
Yesterday we learned China’s inflation rate in June. Ours only comes out on July 21! And we are so small!
We must learn from China to make statistics an instrument of economic policy and not simply for history.
2. [Legislator] Pereira Coutinho, who shot himself in his healthy foot, with all that anger thrown at the Liaison Office, shot himself again, but this time in his head.
Who believes that a simple department decides by itself whom the Head of Delegation is going to have dinner with?
But why does anyone think it is reasonable to force the owner of the house to invite him for dinner?
3. The young Judiciary Police officer, who mistreated a small dog in January of this year, has been suspended.
This was a simple accident along the path, because until now the cooperation between the police, including the fire department, and Anima, has been impeccable!
Therefore, seeing this accident as more than this is a mistake.
Of course it was a more serious act, because it came from a police officer, in violation of the law that he was supposed to uphold!
But walking behind the man with a war axe wanting to cut off his head or make his life hell does not make sense! His attitude was wrong, he was punished by the Secretary and probably by the animal protection law and that’s all!
Let me be straight, the police should not behave under a corporate spirit!
4. Trump is going to be party hype for some more time.
Trump embarrasses us and, of course, much more so his own people.
These accidents also happen in democracies, fooling those who think the free exercise of their rights only produces fairer, healthier systems!
With his favourite horse, Twitter, Trump has been clumsy, quickly sinking the pride and respect of the U.S.A., by surfing on a wave of daily madness!
A danger to humanity.
An American Kim Jong Un, playing cowboys with an ego the size of a nuclear arsenal!
It is much easier to predict inflation than where the insanity of some great people goes!