Exhibition featuring works of Chinese ink painting master, Italian abstract photographer opens

A joint exhibition of works by Chinese ink wash painting master Feng Zhongyun and Italian abstract photographer Elisa Sighicelli opened Wednesday at Sands China Gallery, presenting an East meets West artistic encounter.

   Both born in the 1960s, the free and unrestrained Feng is devoted to exploring the innovations and expressions of contemporary art and traditional ink painting, continuously breaking the boundaries of ink painting with powerful brushstrokes and rich colors.

   Sighicelli is adept at capturing the subtle beauty of sculptures, architecture and still-life objects with experimental photography techniques on unexpected and novel media such as marble, plaster and satin.

   Zhang Zikang, curator of the exhibition who is also director of the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, said the exhibited artworks allow audiences to shuttle between different cultural contexts so as to recognize and think about the world we are facing, about Eastern and Western artists’ understanding of art, and about how they integrate these two very different realms.

   Co-organized by Sands China Ltd., Lotus Art, and Rossi & Rossi Gallery,, the exhibition will last until Jan. 8, 2023.