Experience in office will allow more efficient and better work – Secretary for Transport and Public Works

Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo Arrais do Rosário, said today that his past five years in the position have provided him with the necessary experience to have a better performance as Secretary and conclude the many large scale public projects still on the development pipeline.

Secretary Rosário and Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, are the only Secretaries who will remain in their positions for the new Ho Iat Seng administration, with Rosário having mentioned on several past occasions that he would not stay in his office after his first five-year term.

The engineer stated that residents could expect “more and better” from his office in the new government and that he now has the “advantage” of being more accustomed to the people and matters under his purview.

“The big difference between today and five years ago is that, in the previous 15 years, I had not been here. This time I have at least this experience of five years, I know the people, I know the issues, and that is certainly a great advantage,” he mentioned.

He also addressed the public perception that the projects under his office are plagued with delays, naming some of the main issues faced by the 12 directors and 3,300 employees under his wing.

“Procedures are possibly the largest problem. We have to receive opinions from many public departments so we can complete any issue. We also don’t have many workers. The population wants a lot and quick, but we don’t have sufficient human resources […] These are the main difficulties,” he stated.

The Secretary also noted that during his first five years in office, five directors left their positions for several reasons, but considered all these challenges as one of the reasons that led him to remain in his seat.

Earlier in the day, CE-elected Ho Iat Seng had stated that the Secretary had managed to solve many problems left from previous administrations and that he was confident that he could move forward and complete some of the city’s largest projects, namely, the fourth Macau-Taipa bridge, new public housing, the Light Rail Train (LRT) connections to Macau, and the city’s urban renewal.

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) is currently responsible for 37 on-going public projects with estimated costs of over MOP100 million (US$12.4 million) each.

“Still under the current administration, we will inaugurate the LRT Taipa line. We have announced that the next steps will be the LRT connection to Macau, the Barra LRT station works are already on-going. We will then launch the public tender for the Seac Pai Van LRT Line which will have a station at the future Islands District Medical Complex public hospital. We also started the feasibility study for the LRT East line starting at the Taipa Ferry terminal and finishing at the Border Gate,” the Secretary noted.

The Taipa LRT line is to commence operations before December 20 of this year, when the new government is to be sworn-in.

“We all know what the main works are and we will provide a more clear view of our objectives during the policy address in April, 2020.”