Experts optimistic on upcoming Macau-Hengqin cooperation plan

Local scholars and experts have expressed optimism regarding the prospects for Macau’s economic development under the soon-to-be-announced Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone master plan in Hengqgin.

The future plan aimed at enhancing the SAR’s industrial diversification and providing a new model for regional integration is set to be of far-reaching significance to Macau, according to the participants in the special symposium on “Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone”, organized by the Asia-Pacific Communication Exchange Association (APCEA)

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said on July 22 that an important announcement involving deeper cooperation between Guangdong and Macau was expected to be made by the Central Government soon.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, experts noted that Macau residents recognize once again how deeply the city relies on the support of China and that the SAR can stand firmly in face of the multiple external challenges only with the backing of the mainland.

In this context, the Deep Cooperation Zone provides a key opportunity for Macau to take off again following its successful story of opening-up of gaming concessions 20 years ago.

It was also pointed out that the plan can complement Macau’s shortage of land, provide necessary resources to safeguard the economic diversification and expand a market for various industries such as cultural and creative industry, tourism, arts, media and cultivation of local young talents.

Helen Ieong, President of Macau Association of Social Sciences (MASS), added that there is a potential for cultural integration while maintaining Macau’s cultural uniqueness.

Scholars and experts joining this conference also included Professor Yin Degang, President of the Chinese Debate League and Head Coach of the Debate Team of University of Macau,  Professor Kwan Fung, Department of Economics, University of Macau, and Executive Director of MASS, Mei Dong, Chief Editor of Hong Kong and Macau Weekly and Executive Director of Intercity Media, and Cheong Sio Pang, Executive Editor of Macau “Mad” Art Magazine, and doctoral student of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.