First 3D museum in Macau

Co-organised by Hong Kong 3D Museum and Ponte 16 Resort in Macau, the first large-scale 3D museum in Macau – Ponte 16 Macau 3D Museum – will open to the public mid-2015. Ponte 16 Macau 3D Museum is located at Ponte 16 Resort in Macau. The approximately 18,000 square foot museum provides over 150 photography points in six theme zones, offering visitors an opportunity to pose for interesting photos with various exhibits and 3D paintings. Ponte 16 3D Museum is Macau’s first 3D Museum and also the world’s first museum featuring 4D paintings. The Museum brings visitors a brand new sensory experience through 4D elements such as lighting effects, analogue sound and props. Ponte 16 Macau 3D Museum is a platform for creativity. Unlike traditional art museums, visitors here can be part of the art piece and change the formation of the painting via their participation. Every visitor is the director of his or her own photos in this 3D universe.