First phase of Kun Lam riverside leisure center to open until June

The first phase of the riverside leisure area near the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre in NAPE is expected to be completed and open to the public in the second quarter of this year, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) stated.

Replying to a written inquiry by legislator Chan Hong, the IAM states that after some pandemic-related delays in the production and delivery to Macau of children outdoor leisure equipment and exercise equipment planned to be installed in the area, the same equipment has been gradually installed in March and the area will soon be open to the public.

City authorities have previously revealed plans to build a 15,000 square kilometres public leisure area along the riverside near the Kun Lam statue in NAPE, ranging from the Macao Science Museum to Barra.

The first phase of the development includes a 400 meters long shaded riverside trail spanning from the Macau Science Museum to the statue of Kun Lam.

The area will include recreational and leisure space, namely a children’s entertainment area, trails, terraces, multipurpose fields, an area for exercise equipment, a multipurpose sport field and a skating rink, and reserved spaces that link to the cycle paths to be built in the second phase of the construction of the leisure area.

The multipurpose sports field and skating rink are also designed for basketball or soccer and for citizens of different ages, with new cultural, creative and commerce elements to be added in the area.

The consultation plan for the second phase of the riverside area spanning from the Kun Lam Stature to Barra is expected to be completed this year, according to the response signed by the IAM President, Jose Tavares.