Fixing the bug

Companhia de Telecomunicaçōes de Macau (CTM) announced it had solved the Internet server problem that led to the Internet access shutdown on April 19, a company release stated.
According to the release, CTM ‘conducted an upgrade project on 20 and 21 April’ that ‘successfully’ managed to upgrade and solve an issue that left 30,000 residents with no Internet access for four hours last week.
After the incident – which originated from an overload of traffic on two of the company’s six Internet servers providing online access in the city – CTM assumed ‘full responsibility’ for the malfunction, with a report being sent to the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (DSRT) afterwards.
The company also vowed to ‘continue to conduct a series of planned software upgrades’ and to ‘keep close monitoring on network operations’ so as to ‘improve the compression capabilities of related network devices’ and to enhance the stability of its Internet service.