Former Macau Governor Rocha Vieira leaves EDP supervisory board

The last Macau governor during the Portuguese administration has left the General and Supervisory Board of Portuguese electric utilities company Energias de Portugal (EDP), according to newspaper Tribuna de Macau.

The former Governor and Public Works and Communications Deputy Secretary of the Macau Government had been appointed in 2012 to the position of independent supervisor at the suggestion of Chinese state company Three Gorges, which holds a 19.03 per cent stake in the energy group.

The change was approved by the EDP main shareholders on April 14, in a vote that removed president Luis Amado, businessman Ilidio Pinho, and advisors Eduardo Catroga, Celeste Cardona, Jorge Braga de Macedo, Nuno Amado and Augusto Mateus.

The new supervision board elected for a three year period until 2023, has been reduced from 21 to 16 members and includes Chinese lawyer Zili Shao, with its new president João Talone – a former Executive Board member of Portuguese bank BCP – who was proposed by Three Gorges.

Vieira was one of the most active members of the commission, with a rate of attendance at meetings always above 90 per cent over the past year.

The retired Portuguese Army officer was Governor of Macau between 1991 and 1999 and was provided with one of the highest lifetime monthly pensions provided by the Portuguese government to former officials, some 13,607 euros that had been suspended after his appointment to EDP.