Former Public Works head Jaime Carion suspected of corruption, money laundering

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has confirmed that another former leader of the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) is suspected of receiving bribes and money laundering. Local media outlets have identified the suspect as former DSSOPT director Jaime Carion.

The anti-graft body watchdog said in a statement today that it has found another former director of DSSOPT abused his power during his tenure for approving construction projects that violated administrative regulations and established guidelines in exchange for “large sums of money and real estate interests”.

The statement did not identify the name of the former DSSOPT head, but according to local media outlets Macao Daily News and All About Macau, CCAC confirmed the leader was Jaime Carion, who served as the director of DSSOPT between 1998 and 2014.

Li Canfeng, another former head of DSSOPT between early 2015 and late January 2020, has been in pre-trial detention since last December in another case of alleged ​​corruption, money laundering and forgery, alongside seven other suspects that include local businessmen. 

Concerning the case of Carion, which has been passed to the Public Prosecutions Office for follow-up, CCAC noted in the statement today that the former official received bribes from businessmen through his family and friends.

Besides Carion, an unidentified number of entrepreneurs and individuals are also involved in this case of corruption and money laundering, the watchdog noted. 

The statement today added that Carion and his family relatives have “taken refuge abroad for a long time” and have not returned to the city, but various real estate properties of Carion and his family have been seized.

After retiring in 2014, Jaime Carion left Macau to an “uncertain destination” according to the Administrative Court, but sources told MNA in 2019 he was residing in Portugal.

MNA reported in 2019 a list of about 40 real estate properties purchased between 1991 and 2016 under the name of Carion and his family had been seized by the authorities. The properties, including residential units, parking spaces, offices, commercial and industrial units, were owned by Carion, his wife and daughter.