Forum Macau head defining challenges

The visit of Premier Li Keqiang to the city last year shook the fundamentals of the local economy, with the Premier highlighting a key word: diversification. This should be an inspiration and a starting point for authorities to escape the risks of depending upon just one model. In the heart of this evolution resides an institution, the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, that hosted its 5th Ministerial Conference last October, making it possible to bring together Mr. Li with Prime Ministers and Officials of its country-members.
The head of the institution – Xu Yingzhen, officially known as Secretary-General of the Supporting Office to the Permanent Secretariat to the Forum – has served in the post since last August, facing the challenge of organising the ministerial meeting, and later undertaking the task of progressing the goals marked after the encounter.
“The biggest challenge, I think, is that after the Ministerial Conference our workload is much greater,” she said in an exclusive interview with Business Daily. In our meeting we questioned her about what we can expect of the Forum for the year, her impression of the city upon her arrival, co-operation with local authorities plus challenges and risks the territory is facing and more. Watch the full interview on