Four confirmed cases linked to wedding at Grand Lisboa Palace

Four confirmed Covid-19 cases were linked to a Grand Lisboa Palace wedding on June 18, heal authorities warned, with a public request made for any of the attendees to contact authorities.

Health authorities called on everyone who attended the wedding dinner at the SJM integrated resort to making a declaration of attendance voluntarily via a special online platform and fill in their name, contact details and other required information. 

These people will then be evaluated for quarantine and control measures as soon as possible by the Health Bureau.

The number of confirmed cases since the latest community outbreak has increased to 71 as of 3:00pm, with 24 people showing symptoms and 47 people being asymptomatic.

Health authorities have also announced this afternoon that all residents will be asked to carry out a second citywide testing round from 9:00 am on June 23 to 12:00 pm on June 24.