Four residents accused of selling HK$1.4 mln in fake VIP gaming chips

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has announced that four local residents have been indicted for fraud after selling some HK$1.47 million (US$189,790) in fake VIP gaming chips to two businessmen.

The suspects charged include four locals, two unemployed residents and two local drivers, with another suspect still at large.

According to police authorities, in November of last year a local businessman met with one of the suspects, a 32-year old local unemployed woman surnamed Ma, who told him she could sell him gaming chips at a discounted rate.

On January 10, the suspect offered to sell HK$1.5 million worth in gaming chips for HK$1.47 million

Because the victim needed HK$1.1 million dollars worth of chips to pay off a debt, him and another local businessman agreed with the deal and arranged for HK$1,471,500 in cash to be withdrawn from a VIP room in a NAPE casino, and handed it to another suspect in exchange for the chips.

This suspect – who is still at large – passed the chips to the businessman and Ma counted the money and subsequently put the money in a bag and gave it to the accomplice.

The businessman then took the chips to another VIP room to pay off debt and was informed the chips were fake.

“On the same night, Ma and the rest of the gang met up at Coloane and Iao Hon and separated afterwards. The suspects were later arrested in the northern district. Ma said she was only responsible for contacting the fugitive for the sale of chips, the remaining four people refused to cooperate. PJ is investigating the case and the whereabouts of the cash,’ the police department stated.