Gov’t to subsidise SME websites

The government is launching an SME Website Fund aimed at handing out subsidies of between 6,000 patacas and 50,000 patacas next year for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to set up or maintain their own website.
This is a means of helping small and medium-sized enterprises attract more clients from all over the world and explore a wider market ‘through modern ways and at a low cost,’ the Macau Economic Service said in a statement released yesterday.
According to the statement, SMEs that do not have their own website can apply for a subsidy of up to 14,000 patacas. This amount is set to cover costs related to the construction of the website and part of the maintenance in the first three years of it being up and running. For SMEs that already have a website but need financial help in maintaining it, the government offers a subsidy of 6,000 patacas. In addition, SMEs that already have their own website but plan on optimising it in 2015, the government subsidy will run to 50,000 patacas.
SMEs that have already started spending their own money in creating, maintaining or optimising their websites are also eligible for the fund; however, the amount allocated will only be up to 70 percent of the total spent thus far, according to the statement.
In order to better explain this subsidy plan, the government will hold three information sessions on August 20, August 24 and September 7.