Gov’t completes bill to improve security forces overtime rights

The Macau SAR Executive Council has completed a bill to improve overtime benefits provided to locals security forces.

Under local legislation, public workers are entitled to supplementary remuneration when their work time exceeds more than 44 hours per week for special reasons.

However, security forces and services – including Public Security Police Force (CPSP), firefighters, customs officers and prison guards – are ‘subject to a different work schedule and duration’ the council noted and not covered by the public department work regulations, with a legislative review needed to better protect their rights.

‘In addition to routine work, security forces and services personnel remain available to respond to any types of sudden incidents, which can lead to uninterrupted service delivery that exceeds the 44-hour weekly work time when is necessary; moreover, in certain periods of the year, the volume of tasks assigned to them increases significantly, which is necessary as a flexible mobilization of staff in face of specific situations,’ the Macau government noted.

Therefore a bill to change the 2012 additional remuneration for security forces and services law was submitted to the Legislative Assembly (AL), in order to provide the right to supplementary remuneration and use the average monthly working time to calculate weekly working hours.

During the 2020 policy guidelines debate at the AL Security and during the a discussion on this matter, an argument arose between Secretary Wong Sio Chak and legislator Sulu Sou Ka Hou, with the latter abandoning the plenary in protest.