Gov’t extends 7-day Covid-19 test validity requirement for exits by airplane

Local health authorities have announced that starting from 1:00am November 24 anyone wishing to depart the Macau SAR by air in civil aircraft must show a certificate with a negative nucleic acid test result valid for 7 days including the day of sample collection.

After the same deadline, all individuals coming from Mainland China by air, upon boarding to Macau must also present a certificate with a negative nucleic acid test result valid for 7 days, and entry may be refused to non-residents who are. not able to provide it.

Test requirements for entry in Macau via plane vary from the locations where the person is departing.

Individuals departing to Macau from non-high-risk locations outside of Mainland China are still required to provide negative test results carried out 48 hours before departing prior to flight hours programmed with departure from the place of origin, not including stopover.

Meanwhile, departure from high-risk locations have to provide three certificates of negative acid test COVID-19 nucleic acid taken within 7 days prior to
board the direct flight or first flight from connection with Macau.

Individuals aged 12 years or over must also still present a certificate that they have completed vaccination for COVID-19 for more than 14 days, or a certificate that they are not suitable for vaccination against COVID-19.

Certificates must be issued by an institution recognized by the Consulate of China in the place of origin of the passenger and it must be proven that there is an interval
minimum of 24 hours between each sample collection for the test of nucleic acid and that the last one was collected within 48 hours before boarding.

Currently the regions defined as high risk include: Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Índia, Indonésia, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Phillippines, Rússia, South africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzânia and Turkey

Previously, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced that starting from 1:00am, November 23, whoever wants to depart from Macau via ferry would also be required to present a certificate with a negative nucleic acid test result valid for seven after the date of sample collection.

After a tightening of cross-border restrictions following several local Covid-19 cases since September 25, recent weeks have seen an easing of such measures, with Zhuhai expanding the validity of nucleic acid tests from 48 hours to seven days also starting from November 23.

Macau’s visitation has held up since quarantine-free travel resumed with China, despite China’s COVID outbreak continuing, with daily average between November 1 and 17 at 52,000, a number 20 per cent higher than the September average, and not far from the peak 57,000 in May.

Despite China’s daily local cases dropping to a single digit, Macau still imposes quarantine requirements on 22 cities/districts in 14 Chinese provinces.