Gov’t increases occupational hazards compensation amounts

The Macau SAR has increased the allowed insurance premium amounts to cover work accidents and the minimum and maximum amount in compensations for some occupational hazards, Chief Executive dispatches published today (Monday) in the Official Gazette revealed.

In 1995 local authorities established the requirements for mandatory work accident insurance and compensations to be incurred by employers for a different range of employments, with the latest increase until today having been announced in 2011.

Today authorities indicated that the allowed insurance premium amounts to cover work accidents were increased by 2 per cent, while the minimum and maximum amounts in compensations for some accidents and occupational illnesses increased.

As an example, the minimum compensation provided for absolute permanent disability was increased to MOP405,000 (US$50,724) with the maximum limit raised to MOP1.35 million.

The minimum and maximum compensations to be provided to relatives of workers that have deceased due to work accidents or illness were also increased to MOP324,000 and MOP1.08 million, respectively.

The maximum limit for the payment of medical and nursing treatments in the event of an accident at work or occupational disease was also increased to MOP3.15 million for each worker

The new increases will be enforced 45 days after the dispatch was published.