Gov’t promises press freedom, expects ‘love for the motherland’ – CE

The head of the Macau Government today (Friday) promised Chinese-speaking media representatives that they will enjoy freedom of the press, while expressing hopes that “they will continue to spread the noble tradition of ‘loving the motherland and loving Macau’”.

The Government “will continue, as always, to implement strict governance, in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law, to guarantee freedom of the press and to support the development of the media sector”, Ho Iat Seng pointed out at a media lunch meeting with Chinese-speaking media.

“I hope that the Chinese-speaking media will continue to spread the noble tradition of ‘loving the country and loving Macau’,” the CE added.

The head of government for the Chinese special administrative region also urged the media “to continue on the right path, to promote justice, to perform in a certain way its supervisory and guiding role, to mirror reality with objectivity and impartiality, to transmit energies and to support the various public services in carrying out their government actions”.

“I believe that, under the firm leadership of the Central Government, with the attention and support of the motherland, and with the unity and joint efforts of all social sectors and residents, we will overcome difficulties, transform dangers into opportunities and make progress in the face of adversity ”, he stressed.

After a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, with an economic and social impact on the territory, Ho Iat Seng recalled that “currently, the global pandemic situation continues to show great fluctuations”.

For this reason, he anticipated, “in the new year, we will still be affected by the instability caused by the pandemic and by the external political and economic environment”.

That is why, despite 2021 bringing “new opportunities and new hopes”, in the context of pandemic prevention, the Government (…) will remain committed to the strategy ‘prevent imported cases and prevent internal resurgence ’”, he said.