Gov’t proposes cable car connecting New Area Zone A with Macau Science Museum

Macau SAR authorities have proposed to research the construction of a sea-cross cable car to connect the New Area Zone A with the Macau Science Center, the 2021-2030 General Planning for Traffic and Land Transport of Macau plan reveals.

The plan was launched for public consultation yesterday with the Transport Bureau holding a session today to present and explain some of the plan’s proposals.

The director of the Transport Bureau (DSAT), Lam Hin San, indicated that the concept of the construction of the cable car is still in its preliminary planning stage, TDM Radio reported.

Unlike the Guia Hill cable car, the new transport will be a large-scale cable car, able to carry 50 people at once and carry 6,000 people per hour.

Lam pointed out that the transport volume of many bus routes in Macau carries 6,000 people per day, with the planned population of New City Zone area A set for some 100,000 people.

“There will be a Light Rapid Transit Line East Line to ease traffic in the North/South axis, and for the East/West axis we also need measures in various aspects to improve the residents’ travel,” Lam noted.

The construction of the Barra Extension of the light railway will be completed by 2024, while the Seac Pai Wan Extension and the Hengqin Line will be completed by 2025, with the LRT East Line completion set for 2028.

The DSAT Director considered that future residents in the New Area will be able to go to the NAPE via the cable car and make it then more convenient for them to reach Barra.

Representatives of the tourism industry included in the Transport Advisory Committee were said to support the project and hoped that the cable car could be constructed, as a new popular attraction in Macau, suitable for tour groups.