Gov’t starts clearing works for 153,000 sqm reclaimed land plot in Seac Pai Van

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) announced that interdepartmental works were initiated to clear and reclaim a 153,000 square meters illegally occupied land plot in Seac Pai Van, Coloane.

The land plot in question is located near the public housing projects near Avenida de Vale das Borboletas and Avenida de Ip Heng, with part of the land plot having been illegally re-occupied while another had its land concession expired.

Land plot being cleared

‘Last year the DSSOPT discovered several illegal works on the site consisting of metal siding and roofing and the land divided into various areas through metal siding and gates. Containers, building materials, construction machines, vehicles, miscellaneous materials, etc. were also placed on the ground,’ the department announced.

‘Consequently, a case was opened to follow up on the matter. Interested parties were then notified by notice of the eviction order and were required to vacate and reverse the land within the stipulated deadline.’

The DSSOPT indicated that most occupants vacated the land after being notified, however, as there were still several materials in it, namely containers, construction machines, building materials and it was being used for parking vehicles authorities decided to carry out clearing works on Wednesday.

Works to clear, seal, and demolish the illegal works on site are currently underway, in order to improve road accessibility and the drainage network of Seac Pai Van.

In recent years several land plots in Seac Pai Van initially intended for industrial projects have been reclaimed by authorities for exceeding the allowed development period mandated by the current Land Law.