(Photo provided to Xinhua)

Gov’t studying mainland-style district zoning pandemic policy

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Elsie Ao Ieong U stated today (Friday) that local authorities are considering to implement a temporary district zoning method similar to those implemented in Mainland China to control the pandemic.

During the pandemic Chinese authorities have adopted a targeted approach to tackle the resurgence of new cases, classifying the COVID-19 risk in cities based on districts, subdistricts and townships and the adjust the classification accordingly.

Entries and exits in these respective areas are then strictly controlled according to the evolution of the Covid-19 risk determined by authorities.

Speaking today after this year’s Macau Grand Prix press conference, Secretary Elsie Ao indicated the idea to apply this concept to Macau was communicated by central authorities during her recent visit to Beijing between September 6 and 9.

“We have to keep alert. To continue with our current state of pandemic control, we need to better prepare for any possible community case. But this is still on the concept and study phase, we need to evaluate it better. Any decision would be announced,” she stated.

Macau has not reported any new Covid-19 cases for 77 consecutive days.