Gov’t to complement disabled workers wages to match new minimum wage law

The Macau SAR Executive Council announced today (Friday) a subsidy that will help complement the wages of local workers suffering from disabilities.

The city’s first-ever overall minimum wage law will take effect on November 1, when all employees in the private sector – except domestic helpers and disabled workers – to be covered by a statutory minimum wage of MOP32 (US$4) per hour, or MOP256 a day/MOP6,656 a month.

According to Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong Weng Chon, local disabled workers were not added in the new minimum wage bill out of fear employers would avoid hiring workers with disabilities, with the government deciding to introduce new financial assistance to compensate these workers.

Under the new subsidy scheme, local workers holding disability registry card – which were said to be about 14,000 – who work 128 hours or more per month and receive a monthly income under MOP6,656 will be eligible to receive the difference to that limit.

For disabled worker workers less than 128 hours per month, the compensation amount will be calculated in accordance with the MOP32 per hour minimum requirement.

Eligible workers will still have to apply to the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) which will then evaluate and approve the requests.

Disabled workers will also be then able to apply in January, 2021 to receive a subsidy for the wages paid in the previous three months.