(Xinhua/Chen Sihan)

Gov’t to not increase amounts set for labour compensations

Citing the current pandemic economic climate and the need to balance the demands of employers and employees, the Macau SAR government has decided to not update the amounts set for labour compensations and the minimum wage for cleaners and building security guards.

‘After analyzing the data referring to the period to which the aforementioned diplomas refer, having taken as reference the opinions of the labour and employers and having taken into account the general economy of Macau, the business environment and the great impact on the local market,’ the Labour Affairs Bureau stated.

‘As a result of the pandemic, the Macau SAR Government, in order to achieve a balance between the rights and interests of the labour and employer parties, decided to keep the amounts unchanged’.

Therefore the maximum monthly basic wage amount used to calculate dismissal compensation established in the Labour Relations Law will remain unchanged at MOP21,000, with the limits set for labour accidents and occupational diseases indemnities to also remain unaltered.

Minimum wage limits for cleaners and security guards will also remain unchanged at MOP32 (US$4) per hour, MOP256 per day and MOP6,656 per month.

Since a new minimum wage bill covering all workers has been in force since November 1 of last year in the future the review of the minimum wage for these workers will be carried out once every two years as for all other workers.

The city’s first-ever overall minimum wage law enforced last year covers all employees in the private sector – except domestic helpers and disabled workers – to be covered by a statutory minimum wage of MOP32 per hour, or MOP256 a day/MOP6,656 a month.

Previously only cleaners and security guards enjoyed a minimum wage provision.

The general unemployment rate, the unemployment rate of residents and the underemployment rate for May-July 2021 were 2.9 per cent, 3.9 per cent and 3.5 per cent, respectively.