Greek top prosecutor to probe into leaks over intelligence service’s phone surveillance

Greece’s supreme court chief prosecutor on Friday evening announced that he will begin to probe into leaks regarding the intelligence service’s phone surveillance activities.

High court prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos said that he will personally commence a preliminary investigation into what’s termed as “leaks” affecting the country’s national security, Greek national news agency AMNA reported on Saturday.

The case erupted after the leader of the opposition PASOK-KINAL party and member of European Parliament Nikos Androulakis filed charges at Greece’s Supreme Court ten days ago for mobile tapping attempts with spyware. He was notified by the European Parliament.

The leaked information, according to Dogiakos, emanates from “highly classified state documents” that deal with “the process of lifting the privacy of communications on issues that affect the country’s national security.”

The announcement came hours after the resignation of the chief of the country’s intelligence service (EYP) Panagiotis Kontoleon and the secretary general of the prime minister’s office, Grigoris Dimitriadis on Friday. Both resignations were accepted by the prime minister.

Government spokesman Yannis Economou said that the ruling party will accept PASOK-KINAL’s demand for a parliamentary probe and a reconvening of the parliamentary committee on institutions and transparency to re-examine possible political involvement in the case.

“The government seeks absolute clarification of the specific issues over time, under the obvious condition that all necessary confidentiality procedures are observed,” Economou stated.