Guangdong cases lead to 10-fold increase in vaccination appointments

About 23,000 people have made appointments for Covid-19 vaccination yesterday, a 10-fold increase from the numbers seen a month ago, Health Bureau Vaccination Coordinator, Tai Wa Hou, said today (Tuesday).

The recent increase in cases in the neighbouring province of Guangdong has led to the rise, with Tam stating in the now daily pandemic update press conference that the vaccination system will provide new appointments every day to balance the needs for the first and second doses.

As of 4:00pm today a total of 143,117 people have been vaccinated with either Sinopharm or BioNTech vaccines, of which 69,384 had received one dose and only 73,733 had received both doses.

“In Zhuhai, almost 90 per cent of residents between 18 and 60 years of age have already been vaccinated. In Macau only 20 per cent, there is a great disparity,” Health Bureau Director, Alvis Lo, said today.

“We’ve initiated the vaccination plan on February 9, maybe at the time people we not so confident about the vaccines but now appointments have increased […]] I encourage more people to be vaccinated so as to protect their families and the community”

Lo also clarified today that there is no specific schedule for launching a general requirement for everyone in the city to be tested, with only preparations made in case the pandemic progression requires it, such as a local community outbreak.

However, authorities admitted that such a policy would disrupt the progression of the vaccination plan, as it would demand the use of medical personnel and locations.