Guangdong Province Affairs launches independent app with group code function

The Director of the Guangdong Provincial Administrative services Data Management, Yang Pengfei, has announced the province’s mobile government service platform ‘Guangdong Provincial Affairs’ launched an independent app with a new ‘Group Code’ health management tool created by managers of groups such as schools and enterprises, Chinese-language Macao Daily newspaper reported.

“Yue Sheng Shi” is a Guangdong government mobile application that allows residents to carry out interactions with the authorities, such as paying for traffic tickets, scheduling government appointments, or renewing passports and visas.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, social organizations such as schools, enterprises and nursing homes in Guangdong have required them to report health codes, nucleic acid test results and vaccinations on a daily basis in order to keep abreast of the health status of their objects of management.

The Yue Sheng Shi APP has both a group statistics function and a ‘group code’ image display and in this case, users will no longer need to upload various screenshots many times a day, greatly reducing the daily work burden of grass-roots staff, parents of students and headteachers.

Users will now only need to join the ‘group code’ and the administrator can keep abreast of their latest health codes, nucleic acids, vaccines and other information at any time after passing an authentication.

Yang Pengfei mentioned that as the first mobile platform integrating various departments’ livelihood services in China, the app has more than 160 million real-name registered users since its launch in May 2018, with an average of 40-50 million daily visits and hundreds of millions of visits.  

The app’s “Personal digital space” also provides a wide range of application scenarios, for example, individuals can query personal credit data through the back-stage interface of the authorized bank of Yue Sheng Shi app to apply for personal business credit.  

Financial institutions, communication operators and other enterprises and organizations that provide data services for individuals will also be able to connect with the app’s “Personal Digital Space”, and provide assistance in social services such as finance, communication, water and electricity, as well as promoting the reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements.