Guia Lighthouse

Guia Lighthouse protection group issued appeal to CE

The Concern Group for the Protection of the Guia Lighthouse has issued an open letter today (Thursday) to the Macau Chief Executive asking for the commitment to reduce the height of the unfinished building at Calçada do Gaio to 52.5 meters.

The association has made several appeals since 2007, including to the Director-General of UNESCO, to complain about the negative impact on the Guia Lighthouse caused by the construction of several high-rise buildings on the southern and south-western slopes of Guia Hill.

The association cited a Chief Executive Directive published in 2008 that set some height limits for the buildings to be constructed in the area surrounding the Guia Lighthouse.

“We very much hope that in a short period of time, the current Chief Executive will fulfil the commitment, made more than 14 years ago to the residents of Macau and the international community,” the letter issued.

“The height of the unfinished building at Calçada do Gaio would be reduced to 52.5 meters and the project would be completed as soon as possible. The present mess situation should not be allowed to continue so as not to affect the landscape of Macao’s world cultural heritage site and not to set a bad example of the government not keeping its promises”

The letter urged Chief Executive to request for the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) to investigate into the project approval process and the “legitimacy, fairness, and rationality” of each procedure to be examined.

“It will help to strengthen the transparency and integrity of public administration, strengthen the supervision mechanism and ensure the legitimacy of the exercise of public power. The doubts of Macau residents and the international community could be relieved,” the letter added.