Guinea Bissau: PAIGC to file appeal against approval of Nabian government programme

Califa Seidi, the leader of the parliamentary benches of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), has said that the party will file a legal appeal against the approval of Prime Minister Nuno Nabian’s government programme.

In a political statement made in parliament on Wednesday, Califa Seidi pointed out a number of “grotesque violations” of the regime in which that legislative body operates to justify the judicial petition.

The leader of the PAIGC parliamentary bench pointed out the absence of two secretaries at the session, when, he stressed, the Rules of Procedure state that in this situation the chamber cannot function.

The current parliament is composed of two secretaries, both elected from the lists of deputies of the PAIGC, and as the party boycotted Monday’s plenary session, they were not in the act that culminated in the approval of the government’s program.

For the PAIGC, the act itself is “null and void” and, consequently, the government of Nuno Nabian “is thus without any legitimacy”.

“The PAIGC continues not to recognize the current government because it results from the subversion of the constitutional order,” said Califa Seidi, reaffirming that the party has resumed its place in parliament to “face firmly acts that call into question the democratic rule of law” in Guinea-Bissau.

Seidi said that “some MPs” are allegedly under “strong psychological pressure and coercion” from the new authorities and that on the night before and the very day of the approval of the government’s programme, “the whole perimeter of parliament was under strong surveillance by the security forces”.

“All this was for what?”, questioned Seidi, pointing out that it was certainly not to protect the parliamentarians, and many are still inhibited from freely exercising their activity.

The leader of the PAIGC parliamentary bench regretted that the international community remains passive and powerless “in the face of the state of terror” in Guinea-Bissau.

Nuno Nabian’s government programme was approved on Monday evening, with the vote in favour of five PAIGC members of parliament, who took part in the opening of the parliamentary session against orders given by the party’s standing committee.

Guinea-Bissau is experiencing a period of special political tension with the Guinean parliament divided into two blocs with both claiming a parliamentary majority and defending their right to form a government.