Guinea-Bissau: ‘Worrying’ rise in cases due to non-compliance with prevention measures – government

The secretary of the High Commission for Covid-19 in Guinea-Bissau on Monday said that the increase in cases in the country is “worrying” and noted that it is related to the lack of compliance with prevention measures.

The increase in new cases and registration of more victims demonstrates what they have been saying, that Covid-19 exists, is still in circulation and what justifies this increase of cases is that people do not comply with the recommendations,” Plácido Cardoso told Lusa.

“The situation is worrying,” said the doctor, calling on people not only to respect the measures to prevent the disease but also to adhere to the vaccination.

“The more people are vaccinated the more immunity we have,” he said.

The doctor explained that the High Commission is preparing the arrival of more vaccines to start vaccination in all health regions in the country.

Currently, vaccination is only taking place in the Autonomous Sector of Bissau, Biombo and Bafatá, regions where there are more recorded cases.

Since the start of the pandemic, Guinea-Bissau has recorded 4,498 cases of Covid-19 and 76 deaths, two of which occurred last week.

Recent weeks in the country have been characterised by an increase in new cases and the High Commission considers it is already the third wave of the pandemic.