Photo by Pedro Benjamim

Halftone photography association launched

Eighteen local Portuguese residents will launch, on Thursday, in Macau, a new association to promote photography in the SAR, one of the founders told Lusa today.

Along with the launch of Halftone, the new association will also present a ‘website’ and inaugurate a photography exhibition of the founding members, which will be open until June 12, at the Portuguese Bookshop, in Macau.

One of those responsible, the photographer Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, said that the association is discussing “the publication of a photography magazine three times a year” to “not only promote the photographic work of the associates, but of other” relevant authors.

“We started 18, all Portuguese, but we really want everyone to participate”, he underlined.

Pinheiro highlighted the interest that Halftone is already causing: “We already have people who want to join the association in the near future. More Portuguese, but also Chinese and even Filipinos. Everything for photography”.

In addition to Lobo Pinheiro, founding members of Halftone André Ritchie, António Duarte Mil-Homens, António Sotero, Catarina Cortesão, David Antunes, Francisco Ricarte, João Miguel Barros, João Palla Martins, João Rato, José Sales Marques, Nuno Martins, Nuno Sardinha da Mata, Nuno Tristão, Nuno Veloso, Pedro Benjamim, Ricardo Pinto and Sara Augusto.