Health authorities have asked Covid-19 recovered patients to donate plasma for treatments

Conde de S. Januário Hospital Doctor Alvis lo Iek Long revealed today that health authorities want to start using blood plasma from cured Covid-19 patients to treat any possible future serious novel coronavirus cases.

Chinese health officials have previously urged patients who have recovered from the coronavirus to donate blood so that plasma can be extracted to treat others who are critically ill, with the Hong Kong Red Cross today making a similar appeal

“There is news about the use of plasma for patients with more serious cases. We have seen reports of treatment sin Mainland China that showed some results. […] In Macau we have some discharged recovered patients and our centre has invited recovered patients to donate blood so we can analyse it and prepare a possible new treatment solution,” Alvis Lo stated.

According to the doctor, at least one recovered patient has shown his willingness to donate blood with this purpose.

“However patients do not always fulfil all our criteria, we have to check if antibiotics can also be used. It all depends on the blood elements and if antibodies are strong enough for possible treatments. We can’t provide more details because we’re still studying the matter,” the medical practitioner noted in today’s daily health authorities press conference.

No new Covid-19 cases have been reported for 37 consecutive days in Macau.

As of today, the total number of cases reported in the city remains at 45, with 43 already discharged and two remaining under observation and in stable conditions.

Of all cases reported only one was considered as being serious.