Health Bureau – 18 people were in Zongshan building where COVID case was detected

In the past 14 days, a total of 18 Macau-based people have been to the International Flower City in Tanzhou, Zhongshan where the latest COVID-19 case was detected. Of these six people have already been tested, the Health Bureau said in a press conference. Those who have been to that building will have to undergo a 14-day medical observation period, starting from 9 pm on Thursday. 

Bureau director Alvis Lo Iek Long added that a total of 2,898 people have been to Tanzhou Town over the past two weeks. Of these about 1,100 had already been tested. 

From 12 pm today, all individuals who have recently been to Tanzhou Town, must undergo a 14-day self-health management period, during which they must take five nucleus acid tests on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 12th days.

Earlier today (Thursday) two Macau citizens, classified as close contacts of the newly confirmed Covid-19 case in Zhongshan, have tested negative for COVID-19.

Both of them attended a banquet in Zhongshan on January 9, where the newly confirmed case was found.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre today (Thursday) has meanwhile called on Macau citizens who live in the Mainland or frequently go across the border, to avoid participating in large gatherings such as banquets, weddings, and festival meals.

They were also advised to avoid going visiting facilities except for the workplace and home.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre has called on citizens to beware of the pandemic, keep wearing the mask, take personal pandemic prevention measures, and avoid large gatherings, due to the current CCOVID-19 outbreak in the neighbouring city.