Hengqin driving licenses monthly quota again increased

The number of monthly quotas for Macau licensed motor vehicles authorised to drive in Hengqin will be increased again, this time from 300 to 500, authorities announced.

‘In order to make the travel of local residents to [Hengqin] even more convenient, as well as to promote the integrated development of the two regions, after negotiations, the competent services of Zhuhai and Macau decided that, as of July 1, all residents – permanent and non-permanent – of the Macau SAR will be covered, with a high number of monthly quotas increased from 300 to 500, with the primacy being defined by the order of submission of applications,’ the Macau government noted.

‘The competent services of Zhuhai and Macao will also, through an analysis of the responsiveness of the Hengqin cross-border post and circulation on the adjacent road network, continuously adjust the number of monthly quotas’.

The quota of Macau vehicles allowed to enter Hengqin increased from last year’s 5,000 to 10,000 in March of this year, with a limit of quotas issued every 30 days previously 300 and now 500.

Macau residents at 18 years or older can apply for the qualification of their vehicles to enter Hengqin, and each vehicle can be registered with up to two drivers holding driving certificates issued by the mainland.

Local vehicles with a Guangdong-Macao dual licence plate can travel throughout Guangdong province, while Macau vehicles bearing a single licence plate permit can travel within Hengqin.

Priority is given to Macau residents who work, live or make investments in Hengqin, who, according to previous policies, were the only groups that could apply.

The scheme was created in 2016 with the quota initially only 400.