Hengqin eases requirements for local drivers, doubles quota

Hengqin authorities will ease the requirements for local drivers to be allowed to drive to the neighbouring region and will double the available permit quota to 10,000.

Starting from March 18 Macau residents over 18-years of age – both permanent and non-permanent residents – will also be able to apply for a driving permit in Hengqin.

Each vehicle will also be able to register two drivers, with a driving license to be issued by the authorities of Mainland China.

During an initial 90 days period from the enforcement of the new measures, a maximum of 300 quotas may be requested every 30 days, with priority defined by the order of submission of applications and eligibility conditions, such as Macau residents who work, reside or invest in Hengqin.

After this period, the monthly figures will be adjusted by the Macau and Zhuhai governments, taking into account the capacity of the new Hengqin Border Post and the traffic flow on the highways of both regions.

Since the driving scheme was first implemented in December 2016, the total number of quotas provided has increased progressively, starting with 400 and now increasing to 10,000.