High spending Mainlanders dodge HK

Hong Kong registered a new drop in tourists – particularly high-spending Mainlanders – in June as the once-a-week limit on individual travellers from Shenzhen started to bite, The Standard has reported. Overall visitor arrivals from June 1 to 28 fell year-on-year by 1.9 per cent. Mainlanders are even more significant to Hong Kong than they are here, as they account for 77 per cent of tourist arrivals compared to almost 70 per cent in Macau. June’s drop was the second year-on- year monthly fall this year, with visitor arrivals sliding 8.7 per cent in March, The Standard said.
“The decrease has been accelerating,” said Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So Kam-leung.
Under the individual travel scheme, anyone from Guangdong or 49 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, can visit Hong Kong on their own.
Starting April 13, however, Shenzhen authorities tightened terms for permits, limiting a visit to Hong Kong to once a week under the multiple entry scheme amid uproar over parallel trading and the SAR’s capacity for tourists being stretched.
Despite a drop in such visitors, the total number of Mainland tourists decreased by only 0.5 per cent from June 1 to 28 thanks to an increase in tourists on other types of visas.