(Xinhua/Xu Yu)

HK, Macau and Taiwan freelance employees now able to join Guangdong insurance system

*By Jing Wu

Guangdong province has issued new policies effective from May 1, allowing for Hong Kong and Macau and Taiwan residents to apply for insurance with their residence permit or employment registration certificate.

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan flexible employees (freelancers) can participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees with the Province Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Residents in Guangdong, or to participate in the insurance in the place of employment with the employment registration certificate of Guangdong Province.

According to regulations, flexible employees can join in the basic pension insurance voluntarily, and the basic pension insurance premiums are paid by individuals.

“Even if they are not currently employed, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents in Guangdong can still participate in endowment insurance like Guangdong residents.” Que Guangchang, director of the Guangdong Provincial Social Insurance Fund Administration Bureau.

Que explained that term employees from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan can have the same treatment as Guangdong residents which is expected to further increase the enthusiasm of flexible employees from the three regions.

“This is the further implementation of the “Guangdong “Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline” is an important measure to promote the convergence of social insurance development in the Greater Bay Area.” He added.

The scope of “flexible employment personnel” applies to those who rely on new business platforms such as e-commerce, online car-hailing, online meal delivery, and express logistics to achieve employment.

Online businesses employees who have not established a labour relationship with the new business platform enterprise are also described as flexible employees.

In contrast, individual industrial and commercial households without employees, part-time employees who have not participated in the basic pension insurance in the employer are not among the beneficiaries.

The lower limit of the monthly salary payment base for the first to fourth types of districts in Guangdong Province was set RMB3,803, RMB3,376, RMB3126, and RMB2,924, respectively.

The basic pension insurance contribution rate for flexible employees is 20 per cent. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan residents who intend to participate in pension insurance can choose to pay from the above four benchmarks.

The minimum monthly payment is RMB584 and the maximum is RMB760.