Ho Iat Seng renouncing Portuguese nationality in view of candidacy for CE position

Macau (MNA) – Ho Iat Seng, the current president of the Legislative Assembly (AL) and recently declared candidate for the position of Macau SAR Chief Executive (CE) in the coming October election, has announced he is abdicating from his Portuguese nationality.

According to the story published on Friday by local Portuguese newspaper Hoje Macau, Mr. Ho has filed an official request within the Portuguese Consulate in Macau to relinquish his Portuguese nationality, one day before he announced in a press conference that he was going to run to be the 5th MSAR CE.

Ho acquired the Portuguese nationality when he was born on June 12, 1957.

Under the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China, dual citizenship is, however, not allowed.

In line with the national text, the Basic Law of Macau requires the principal officials in the city’s administration be in possession only of Chinese nationality.

“The Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region shall be a Chinese citizen of not less than 40 years of age who is a permanent resident of the Region and has ordinarily resided in Macau for a continuous period of not less than 20 years,” Article 46 of the Basic Law reads.

The same applies for the position of President of the AL, which is Mr. Ho’s incumbent job.

“The President and Vice President of the Legislative Assembly shall be Chinese citizens who are permanent residents of the Region and have ordinarily resided in Macau for a continuous period of not less than 15 years,” according to Article 72 of the local constitution.

Ho’s request within the Portuguese Consulate has been reportedly sent to Lisbon, where a decision by the Ministry of Justice shall take some 30 days.