Honduras organizes extensive vaccination session to fight COVID-19

Thousands of Hondurans participated on Saturday in an extensive vaccination session organized to fight COVID-19, and more than 50,000 people are expected to be inoculated in two days, said health authorities.

Since the early hours of Saturday morning, people over 35 years of age lined up outside the ten centers set up to administer doses of the vaccine in the Central American country.

During the week, health authorities urged the population to continue getting vaccinated, as the country has registered 7,834 deaths and 297,111 cases of the disease so far.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said on Friday that it is expected that with this event, over two million Hondurans will have been vaccinated.

As of Thursday, 1,912,190 Hondurans had been vaccinated against COVID-19 with 1,639,892 having received the first dose and 272,298 having been fully vaccinated.