Photo by Darryl O'Young

How driving in a simulator during quarantine helped HK driver Darryl O’Young prepare for the GP

Hong Kong driver Darryl O’Young explained to Macau News Agency that training with a racing simulator during his 14-day quarantine has helped him recover some of the lost form for the 67th Macau Grand Prix.

“My sponsor Challenger shipped a simulator from Hong Kong over to my hotel. It was great to have it. It kept me busy and try to focus myself since I have not driven a race car since March, and I have not done a race in over a year. To jump on this track and compete is not easy,” the Canadian born driver told MNA after taking his Mercedes-AMG for a practice run this morning.

“It’s hard to say if it helps but any preparation helps. It didn’t hurt, it definitely helped me focus”

Drivers coming from outside Macau and Mainland China and taking part in the competition had to endure a 14-day medical observation in a designated hotel, with several nucleic acid tests taken during that period, but for Young it was all worthy to be able to touch this historic asphalt.

The 2008 GT Cup winner made all efforts to make sure he could race in the Guia track for his 8th time, and attempt to take his Craft-Bamboo Racing driver to a win in an atypical year with no overseas drivers in the GT competition.

“The track felt great, it’s been a long journey to get here so to be able to finally get on track has been amazing and made it all really worth it. Just 30 minutes on this track is fantastic,” Young told MNA.

Young’s car this year will also carry the iconic Teddy Yip’s Theodore Racing logo, with the team not taking part in a competition deprived of its usual FIA F3 competition.

“I felt good on the track. It took me longer to get myself build-up since you get one mistake here and you crash so. I did touch the wall. I’m not as sharp. I turned a bit early and touched the inside of the wall. I had to remind myself to take care of it,” the driver added.

“We’re still getting used to the car and getting back in shape but I think [during the race] I’ll be good”