How HKUST’s Digital MBA is a game changer

The future has arrived and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is already harnessing its power by introducing a completely new take on the traditional MBA. The Digital MBA for Global Leaders (or DiMBA), is especially designed for senior business executives, risk takers and decision makers who wish to further grow their knowledge and develop their skills.

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The world Pandemic has taught us that the old physical work and learning stations are obsolete. Luckily, technology now exists to ensure that physical barriers do not impede success nor do they stall progress. With that in mind, HKUST created the perfect combination of Hardware, in the form of the first ever virtual classroom in Asia and of Software, in the sense that the DiMBA program uses its own, dedicated learning platform as opposed to third party programmes such as ZOOM. Combine all that with the well renown HKUST’s expertise and a killer networking opportunity of 5000 (and growing) Alumni Hub, and the result is a unique program curated especially for Asia-based  leaders.

The world is not enough

It is an established fact that the demand for virtual learning  is growing fast. According to the 2020 annual survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, applications for online MBAs increased by 43.5 percent last year alone, meaning that competition in the rapidly digitizing business world is escalating as more and more qualified professionals enter the market. The problem? Most top MBA schools are in North America or Europe, which means less relevant content as well as incompatible class schedules. HKUST’s DiMBA  on the other hand, aims to give Asia-based professionals the best opportunities and the flexibility needed by most senior executives to attain that precious work/learning balance.

Asia’s First Virtual Classroom -offers DiMBA studentsan immersive learning experience comparable to that of a physical classroom

Nonetheless, the program does cater to decision-makers who, to be successful, must have a global perspective. That is why HKUST is the first in Greater China to have joined an alliance of like-minded business schools who share a vision that online learning should have the same impact as the very best face-to-face courses – FOME Alliance. This means that DiMBA students are encouraged to enroll in online courses at other global business schools, allowing them a chance to broaden their horizons without compromising their demanding schedules.

Proven Expertise 

Professor Tai-Yuan Chen is the Associate Dean and MBA program director at HKUST and provided his long-proven expertise and experience to the creation of the School’s new Digital program, thinking it in a completely new and innovative way.

Professor Tai-Yuan-Chen, the Associate Dean and MBA Program Director at HKUST.

One of these great innovations is the fact that DiMBA has the first exclusive virtual classroom in Asia, this is important because it allows for the full integration of technology with teaching. Professors, renowned experts in their fields, will be able to fully interact with their students, just like they would in a regular, physical classroom. Classes will be thought discussion with faculty and classmates via the virtual classroom, DiMBA students will be trained to become effective leaders in the digital workplace, something that has been lacking in other MBA programmes.

The program also offers flexibility for the learning process as DiMBA courses which are more lecture-based are delivered in a blended learning mode with half of the time being dedicated to self-paced online learning and the other half to live classes. This way, students can feel more at ease and less pressured when it comes to combine study time with their other life activities and have more control over their learning pace.

It is also the aim of the DiMBA Program to allow senior professionals and executives to master a broad range of hard and soft skills. This way, DiMBA students will kick-start their studies by spending their first week in the HKUST campus, where they have a chance to know their fellow classmates face-to-face and fully immerse into the wider MBA community. The program will wrap up with an overseas study trip.  Other than this experience, the MBA students may finish the rest of the curriculum via the dedicated advanced learning platform.

Lifelong Access to Elite Community

Network of business concept.

Unlike many international online degrees, admission for the DiMBA is expected to be selective, which aims to attract a small but elite class of executives. With its dedicated virtual alumni hub, DiMBA students will easily connect and engage with all HKUST MBA alumni across geographical and industrial boundaries. The future has started and the business executive of today needs to be fully prepared to face the challenges that come with a new reality. The world is already digital and HKUST’s DiMBA, might just be the solution you were looking for!

For more details, please join the information session on June 3 and register here.