Iao Kun’s rolling chip turnover down 3 per cent

Iao Kun Group’s rolling chip turnover decreased 3 per cent year-on-year in 2014, from US$17.04 billion (MOP136 billion) in 2013 to US$16.60 billion (MOP133 billion), the company announced yesterday. Rolling chip turnover is a measure used by casinos to quantify the overall volume of VIP gaming room business.
Last year, the VIP gaming promoter achieved an average of US$1.38 billion (MOP11.0 billion) rolling chip turnover per month while in 2013 it posted an average of US$1.42 billion (MOP11.3 billion) per month.
While the decrease of 3 per cent year-on-year may look soft, for the month of December alone there was a drop of 48 per cent year-on-year, from US$1.36 billion (MOP10.9 billion) in December 2013 to US$0.71 billion (MOP5.7 billion) last month.
The drop of the rolling chip turnover for the gaming promoter during the last month of 2014 is in line with the trend of Gross Gaming Revenue. In December GGR decreased 30.4 per cent year-on-year from US$4.2 billion (MOP33.5 billion) to US$2.9 billion (MOP 23.3 billion). This was the largest drop ever of gaming gross revenue in the Special Administrative Region of Macau since the liberalisation of the industry.
Iao Kun Group Holding Company Limited is a VIP gaming promoter involved in the promotion of five VIP rooms in Macau, which are placed in StarWorld Hotel and Casino, Galaxy Macau, Sands Cotai Central, City of Dreams and Le Royal Arc Casino.
The Company’s VIP rooms are primarily focused on high stakes baccarat, a game which accounts for approximately 88 per cent of total Macau casino winnings.