Iec Long Firecrackers Factory and Lai Chi Vun shipyards to be reconverted into cultural and leisure spaces

The abandoned Iec Long Firecrackers Factory land plot in Taipa will be partially re-opened as a new cultural and leisure space, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) announced today (Thursday).

The IC plans to preserve the former industry structures in the land plot and conduct restructuring works in the old factory buildings while laying down pedestrian pathways between different zones to create a leisure area for local residents.

However, since the contentious land plot is still part of an ownership court battle between local authorities and its previous owners, the IC admitted that the requalification of the area could only advance after these legal matters were completed.

In 2016 the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) released a report detailing several Land Law irregularities involving land swaps connected with the Taipa factory and authorised during the term of office of former Secretary for Public Works and Transport, Ao Man Long, now in prison for corruption.

These land swaps involved the Macau SAR Government, the firecracker factory owner – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Predial Baía da Nossa Senhora da Esperança, S.A. – a company controlled by local businessman and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference member Sio Tak Hong – and Shun Tak Holdings Ltd.

After multiple court evictions orders, last year the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) announced that it has initiated works for the eviction and clearing of the Iec Long Firecracker Factory land plot, however, a legal dispute is still on-going over a compensation submitted by the previous owners against local authorities

The IC also announced today that it intends to give priority to the restoration and revitalization of some qualified lots in the area of Lai Chi Vun Shipyards.

Three shipyards in the area – X11, X15 and X19 – will be reconverted into cultural and creative spaces to create spaces that combine cultural and creative fairs, a leisure square, multifunctional space activities and the lime manufacturing showroom for public use.