Inner Harbour and Wanzai ferry route carrying 600 to 700 people daily

The new Inner Harbour and Wanzai ferry route carried 600 to 700 people daily in recent days, with its frequency to be changed to every 30 minutes starting from September 3, the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) indicated today (Wednesday).

Suspended since 2016 the ferry route between the Inner Harbor and the Wanzai Port in Zhuhai was re-opened on January 23 of this year but then quickly suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic until August 20.

The maritime connection will now depart every 30 minutes, with the opening hours of the border posts at the two locations remaining unchanged from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

According to DSAMA, the change in the number of available routes will increase transport choices for citizens and the number of passengers using that sea connection to increase significantly.

‘The frequency of sea voyages would change again for every 15 minutes in a timely manner, taking into account the control and prevention measures and the epidemic situation in Guangdong and the MSAR,’ DSAMA noted.

Currently travel between Macau and Guangdong is allowed for residents of Chinese nationality that can present a negative nucleic acid test, with passengers needing to convert the Macau Health Code to the Guangdong Health Code before boarding the vessel to Zhuhai.

Macau and Zhuhai residents enjoy a discounted fare, with a one-way ticket from Macau to Wanzai costing MOP20, while a round-trip ticket departing from Macau costs MOP30.

A one-way ticket from Wanzai to Macau costs RMB15 while a ticket for a round trip departing from Wanzai costs RMB25.

The reopening of the ferry route was intended as a way revitalize the area of the Inner Harbor, bringing more people to visit this part of the city.