Institute for Tourism Studies involved in new Taipa-Houses project

The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) is going to co-operate with Casa de Portugal (House of Portugal) in the management of the restaurant and terraces to be created in the Taipa Houses Museum, Business Daily has learned. Today, Alexis Tam (pictured), Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, will explain to the Legislative Assembly the policies for 2016 of his Secretariat, including the plan to revamp Taipa’s Carmo area into an entertainment hub. This will be achieved by hosting live shows in the existing amphitheatre and revamping the space by creating restaurants and esplanades. IFT and Casa de Portugal will manage one of the restaurants to be created in the area, which will offer Portuguese food. The remaining restaurants will be available for the consulates of the different countries in Macau for temporary exhibitions, with food offerings from their countries. Business Daily understands that Alexis Tam has already met with various consuls and has explained the concept to them. The Secretary is hopeful that the consulates will bring chefs from different countries to cook in these temporary ‘exhibitions’ and present their food to residents and tourists. As the goal of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture is to have this project fully developed by next year, the contacts with the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) have already started to ensure the required licences are approved in a timely manner. The Secretary is also planning to install esplanades and bars in the area opposite the government headquarters in front of Nam Van Lake, which are also set to increase tourism offers in the territory. Medical services to work longer hours The policies to be presented tomorrow also include news regarding Hospital Conde S. Januário. Starting from next year, some of the services provided by the hospital will have extended working hours to serve more patients and offer training to medical staff. While the government is waiting for the Island Hospital to be constructed, the medical staff is already being hired. This staff will be added to Hospital Conde S. Januário to go through training whilst already serving the Macau population. This way, people will have to wait less time to be received and the transition to the new hospital, set to happen in 2017, will be smoother. As of now the government has already hired 591 healthcare professionals but the goal is to have 2,000 hired for the new hospital. Of these, 500 will be doctors and 1,500 nurses and technical and administrative people. Other changes to be announced include the expansion of the Grand Prix Museum to occupy the area that is now occupied by the Wine Museum. This means that the area dedicated to the museum will be expanded by 850 square metres, which will be added to the existing 2,465 square metres. The total area of the Grand Prix Museum will increase to 3,315 square metres. At the same time, there will be more ‘interactive’ exhibits. The goal is to make the museum more interactive by installing simulators and similar machinery. This plan seeks to develop space more oriented to families. Macau Wine Museum will be relocated to a different venue.