Investment in mainland securities represented almost 36pct of residents’ investment portfolio outside SAR

Investment in securities issued by Mainland Chinese entities, including those securities listed on non-Mainland exchanges, represented 36.3 per cent of local residents’ portfolio investments outside Macau by the end of 2021, data published by the Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM) shows.

The market value of these securities increased by 6.1 per cent from end-2020 to MOP398.2 billion, with 34.2 per cent per cent being in equity securities, and another 34.2 per cent MOP221.6 billion long-term debt securities and 11 per cent or MOP43.7 billion in short-term debt securities.

Investment of Macao residents – including individuals, the government and other legal entities but excluding Macao’s foreign exchange reserves – in securities issued by unrelated non-residents reached MOP1,098.1 billion at the current market value, representing a 7.2 per cent rise from end-2020

Meanwhile, the market value of portfolio investment in Portuguese-speaking countries was MOP573.8 million, which was placed in securities issued by entities in Portugal and Brazil.

The market value of Macau residents’ portfolio investment in the North Atlantic and the Caribbean remained almost the same from end-2020 to at MOP177.4 billion while the market value of portfolio investment in the British Virgin Islands grew by 9.8 per cent to MOP86.7 billion.

The market value of Macao residents’ investment in US securities increased by 18 per cent from end-2020 to MOP127.0 billion, while investment in European securities rose by 26.7 per cent to MOP147.2 billion in market value from end-2020, most of which was placed in the UK or Luxembourg.

However, in the same period, the share of investment in securities issued by Hong Kong SAR entities dropped from 13.6 to 12.2 per cent; with the corresponding market value decreasing by 3.6 per cent to MOP134.1 billion.