“Investors from Macau and mainland China can team up to invest in Europe”

Leader of Chinese community in Portugal, Yi Ping Chow, suggests the establishment of a fund to finance projects in Macau, Hengqin, and provinces in mainland China to support overseas Chinese investors from Southern Europe.

Yi Ping Chow is a prominent member of Portugal’s Chinese community, serving as the president of the Chinese League in Portugal and the Portugal-China SMEs Chamber of Commerce. He believes that the upcoming visit of Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng of Macau to Portugal in April will not only strengthen the ties between Macau and Portugal but also encourage more Chinese business communities in Portugal and Southern Europe to participate in Sino-Lusophone relations.

What do you expect from Chief Executive of Macau Ho Iat Seng’s visit to Portugal in April?

Yi Ping Chow – The visit is crucial as it will involve meetings with high-ranking officials, including the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. Macau is essential to Portugal’s relationship with China, and this visit is expected to bring them closer after three years of the pandemic. Most of the Chinese population in Portugal comes from Zhejiang province, which is also the Chief Executive’s family origin. Yi Ping Chow believes that this visit will foster business relations between Macau and Portuguese businessmen, and Macau can further deepen its role as a window for relations with Portuguese-speaking countries and Europe.

You emphasized the importance of the Chinese community in Portugal playing a more active role. Could you elaborate on this?

Y. P. C. – Yes, Macau aims to be a centre for the internationalization of the renminbi and debt issuance for Portuguese-speaking countries. Chinese entrepreneurs in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France mostly come from the Zhejiang community, and they have a surplus of liquidity. By creating an investment fund with the support of the Portuguese government and Zhejiang province, we can launch development projects in Europe and China. Currently, there is no fund for Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Portugal with new technology from China, which could also lead to new technology investments from Europe in China. Investors from Macau and mainland China can also collaborate on investment opportunities in Europe.

A red lantern set for Chinese Lunar New Year is seen at Martin Moniz square in Lisbon, Portugal, on Feb. 12, 2021. (Photo by Pedro Fiuza/Xinhua)

What are your views on the Hengqin development project and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Plan in Macau?

Y. P. C. –  Yi Ping Chow presented a business and commercial project for Hengqin to an administrator of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM). He believes that developing Traditional Chinese Medicine, new technologies, and tourism can be a priority in Hengqin. This could also be an excellent investment opportunity for the fund. The Portugal-China, Small and Medium Enterprises Chamber of Commerce (CCPC-PME) can contribute to the development of these sectors.

What can be done to deepen the relationship between Macau and Zhejiang, and how can your community contribute to this?

Y. P. C. –   The Zhejiang community has a significant presence in Southern Europe, and they are successful entrepreneurs. I suggest creating a triangle with the participation of an official entity from Zhejiang, Macau, and Portugal. They can establish an investment fund that can invest in Portugal and China. Additionally, several provinces in China have companies that want to expand internationally and connect with Portuguese-speaking countries, which the community is working on.