IPM targeting more students from Portuguese-speaking countries

The Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) is aiming to have 100 students on exchange programmes from Portuguese-speaking countries by next year. The goal was set by the President of IPM, Lei Heong Iok, and is dependent upon the occupation of the facilities at the old campus of the University of Macau. “Fortunately, the government ceded to IPM five buildings on the old campus of the University of Macau. Next year, we’re going to move the Portuguese Language Teaching and Research Centre and we will have better conditions”, he told Portuguese news agency Lusa. According to Lei Heong Iok, this year some 40 foreign students from Portuguese-speaking countries came to IPM on the exchange programs, while last year there were around 30. Now the goal is to increase the number of students to 100 by next year.