Islands District Medical Complex public hospital likely under private-public partnership – Gov’t

The Health Bureau is leaning towards a public-private partnership for the future management of the Islands District Medical Complex public hospital in Cotai but did not confirm which private entity will be, TDM Radio reported.

Authorities today presented a study on the future medical complex management system, commissioned by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong.

That educational institution presented four operating models for the future hospital.

“A partnership between the public and private sector can have a for-profit institution – and that’s a business model – or it can have an institution non-profit, and this is a model of cooperation,” Wong Cheng Po, Head of the Office of Studies and Planning Health Services, explained the executive’s options:

“The Government must also have a clinical services project and also define the complex future. On the other hand, the (future) partner must have sufficient experience, be very professional and have a high management capacity. And it must also have an annual planning mechanism and have funding or financial allocation. The Government must clearly clarify the responsibilities of both parties”

On the other hand, Health Bureau did not confirm if the Peking Union Medical College Hospital will be the entity that will ensure the management of the island’s hospital.

“We want our partner to have a good credibility, and that the public trust him. Also have good management skills and be equally effective. Furthermore, it must have a high quality of clinical technique. It is based on these conditions that we will choose our partner.” Alvis Lo added.

The Legislative Assembly (AL) Follow-up Committee on Public Works stated in 2019 that the hospital’s main buildings are expected to finish construction in August, 2022, namely, the General Hospital Building, the Logistic Support Building, garbage collection centre, the Administration and Multi-Service Building, and main public lanes.

In total, the complete hospital construction works are expected to cost more than MOP10 billion, with the hospital to start operations in 2023 or 2024.