Isolation requirements for close contacts or people with common track adjusted

People classified as close contacts or people with the same itineraries of confirmed Covid-19 cases will have to perform eight days of medical observation plus two days of health self-management, and their code will revert to yellow on the eighth day if they have a negative nucleic acid test, health authorities informed.

As for people classified as having close contact by secondary route, the time of medical observation was defined as five days plus two days of self-management, and the conversion of the health code to yellow colour must occur on the fifth day in the event of a negative nucleic acid test.

The new measures will have retroactive effects for people under observation since June 18, with the date of the last contact with a positive case counted as day zero.

People who fail to carry out a NAT test on the required days will have their personal code converted to red.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in Macau during the most recent outbreak increased to 357.

As of 8:00am yesterday (Sunday) a total of 8,283 individuals have been followed up for epidemiological investigation, including 1,102 close contacts, 5,550 non-core close contacts (i.e. people with common track), 296 secondary close contacts, 337 general contacts, and 641 accompanying person

A third mass NAT drive has begun at 9:00am today (Monday) and will run until tomorrow (Tuesday) 6:00pm